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LED fine pitch iteration of the wind clouds(2)——With power consumption 37.5% lower than others, what's the tour-de-force for CLT?

Release time:2024.04.01
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic
With the increasingly serious problem of global climate change, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the focus of common concern of governments and enterprises in many countries around the world. In such a context, China's environmental protection department has introduced a series of energy-saving and environmental protection policies to encourage technological innovation and promote the development of green industry.

CLT 17-year veteran in the LED display industry, has always been committed to the development and production of high-quality LED displays. Its LX-lite & LM 2 series products not only excel in the three-in-one process design and stable picture quality, but also have significant advantages in energy saving and environmental protection. CLT LX-lite & LM 2 series of three-in-one small pitch adopts advanced energy-saving technology, including high-efficiency LED chips, and intelligent dimming system, which makes the overall power consumption significantly reduced, effectively reducing the waste of energy.

CLT's LX-lite three-in-one small spacing P1.2, for example, the average power consumption of its single box is only 25W, than other non-three-in-one products on the market to reduce power consumption by 37.5%, and access to the whole 3C and energy-saving certification. To a 100-square-foot screen open 5 hours a day calculation, CLT LX-lite three-in-one small spacing will be on the market than the non-three-in-one products, saving about 14,000 yuan a year in electricity costs.

At the same time, it is also designed with AC100~240V wide voltage, which is applicable to a wide range of adaptability, so that the screen can work in different voltage ranges at home and abroad, to avoid system failure or performance degradation caused by voltage fluctuations. In addition, the wide voltage design enables the screen to flexibly adjust the working voltage under different voltage situations to achieve higher energy efficiency, which means that the screen can adjust the voltage according to the actual demand, reduce power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and still work stably when the power supply voltage is unstable, thus prolonging the life of the screen.

In addition to this, CLT's LX-lite & LM 2 series of 3-in-1 small-pitch also focuses on the use of environmentally friendly materials and the improvement of the production process. The products use environmentally friendly materials to manufacture the back cover, which reduces the pollution to the environment. At the same time, the production process is also optimized to reduce energy consumption and waste emissions during the production process, further reducing the impact on the environment.
CLT's LED 3-in-1 Fine Pitch is not only a display device, but also a transmitter of environmental protection concepts. It provides customers with clear, bright display effect at the same time, but also help users to save a lot of electricity expenses, to achieve a win-win situation of economic and environmental benefits. At the same time, we call on the LED industry to strengthen technological innovation and product upgrading, respond to the national energy saving and environmental protection policies, and promote the green development of the whole industry.