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LED fine pitch iteration of the wind clouds(5)——7 secrets about three-in-one and hardwired

Release time:2024.04.01
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic

With the development of LED large screen display technology, as well as the user side of the ultra-thin, ultra-clear, ultra-beautiful aesthetic pursuit, LED displays from the complexity, engineering, to highly integrated, integration, and gradually become the industry trend. Since then, the LED display terminal market is a mixed bag, a large number of non-compliant module products flooding the market, power supply is exposed, random wiring, flying wires resulting in short circuits, line aging, induced by fire problems occur frequently, safety, compliance is a major challenge for the entire LED display industry.
CLT keenly found this market pain point, adhering to the "integrated concept of commercial display, large factory quality" design concept, from 2023 to 2024, has released a number of highly integrated three-in-one board LED display LX-lite and LM 2 series, are used in the power supply, receiving card, adapter board integrated design, power supply, receiving card, adapter board integrated design, the power supply, receiving card, adapter board integrated design. LX-lite and LM 2 series, which are designed with integrated power supply, receiver card and adapter board for safety and compliance, and also adopt hard connection to minimize wire bonding, save space and installation and maintenance costs, and reduce cost and increase efficiency. At the same time, actively respond to the national policy of safety compliance and energy saving and environmental protection, to accelerate the popularization and wide application of new technologies, the industry's first P1.2 box, the price dropped to more than 8,000 yuan range.

Generally speaking, the connection of LED display is mainly divided into "soft connection" and "hard connection" two kinds. Soft connection usually refers to the LED display module or box, through the external signal line and power line connection, this way in the installation needs to be connected one by one line, more cumbersome. Hard connection is to integrate all the connection lines inside the box or module, reduce the wire connection, clean and simple.
LED hard connection technology in the field of LED display is an innovative connection method, it brings many significant benefits, its main advantages are:

1. Simplify the installation process

LED box hard connection design, installation no longer need to connect the line one by one. The installer only needs to dock each module or box through the interface to complete the splicing, greatly simplifying the installation process and shortening the installation time.

2. Improve maintenance efficiency

Hard-wired structure of the LED box because the line is integrated, so in the event of failure, you can more quickly locate the problem and maintenance. This design reduces after-sales problems due to line failure, and also reduces the difficulty and cost of after-sales maintenance.

3. Improved aesthetics

Traditional LED display requires external wiring connection, there are usually a lot of loose wiring behind the finished installation, which affects the overall aesthetics. The hard-wired LED display has all the lines built-in, which makes the back of the display look neat and orderly, and significantly improves the aesthetics.

4. Increased space utilization

Three-in-one plus hardwired design of the LED box. High integration, flexible layout, space-saving, the same size specifications, the weight of the box is 22.22% lighter than the traditional LED box, the thickness is 29.09% thinner than the traditional LED box.

5. Better flatness

The lines of the hardwired LED box are all integrated inside, which makes the surface of the screen more flat, whether viewed from the front or from the side, it can maintain a good visual effect.

6. Increased product durability

Hard connection reduces the wear and tear and damage of external wiring, which reduces the failure rate and enhances the durability and reliability of the LED display.

7. Complete machine certification and quality assurance

Hardwired LED enclosures ensure that their design is advanced and unique. These products usually pass a number of domestic and international quality certifications, such as 3C, CNAS, CE, etc., which provides users with additional quality assurance.
In summary, LED hardwired technology for LED display brings many advantages such as easy installation, efficient maintenance, beautiful and durable, and is one of the important directions for the development of modern LED display technology. With the trend of intelligentization and networking, hardwired LED display is expected to be combined with Internet of Things, big data and other technologies, hardwired LED display is expected to be more widely used and developed in the future.