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LED fine pitch iteration of the wind clouds(3)—— Are safe and compliant branded whole cabinet the future?

Release time:2024.04.01
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic

For a long time, the LED module splicing screen does not meet the requirements of the national 3C certification, there are huge safety hazards, such as: fire, electric shock, electromagnetic radiation, etc., the end of the channel sales and installation of LED module splicing screen belongs to the violation of stepping on the red line behavior. According to the State Administration of Market Supervision announcement "mandatory product certification directory description and definition of the table 2020 revised version", the 45th category "with the computer connected to the display equipment (0903)" in the clear inclusion of LED electronic display. Therefore, the brand machine, legal compliance, is the future trend of the LED display industry.

In September 2023, CLT released the first highly integrated three-in-one board small spacing - LX-lite since, highly recognized by the industry and customers, at the end of February 2024 ISLE exhibition, CLT released the second highly integrated three-in-one board small spacing - LM 2 series, the box, light board, three-in-one board three completely integrated, no wire connection, out of the field that is the finished product, branded The whole machine is pre-installed to deliver customers, and mandatory national CCC certification standards, safety compliance, quality is more secure.

These two epoch-making small spacing products, but also take the lead in breaking the industry chaos, leading the industry into the era of highly integrated three-in-one board machine, which can not be separated from CLT in the LED display industry 17 years of technical accumulation and originality, but also can not be separated from the depth of CLT's understanding of the entire LED industry and the understanding of the national policy.
Compared with LED module, the advantages of LED brand machine are compared as follows:

Therefore, whether it is aesthetics, flatness, safety, protection, stability, LED brand machine are better than LED module products, in addition, LED brand machine also towards high integration, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection trend, in addition to more personalized customized service has also become a major highlight, so the future of the brand machine must become a trend in the LED display industry.