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LED fine pitch iteration of the wind clouds(1)—— Why highly integrated three-in-one board going mainstream?

Release time:2024.04.01
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic
With the development of Mini / Micro LED technology and fine pitch products mature, the industrial agglomeration effect is becoming more and more obvious, at the same time, fine pitch LED display explosive growth in the demand side, quickly become the mainstream products in the display market. At present, the proportion of fine pitch products as a whole has reached more than 40%.

In the rapid development of LED fine pitch at the same time, the industry is also facing a reshuffle, new products, new technologies continue to push out. But in the small pitch LED in this nearly a decade, CLT from the technology side, cost side, market side, application side of the continuous innovation, adhere to the new --- LX-lite & LM 2 series also came into being.

LX-lite & LMA2 series of full-color fine pitch, both using power supply, adapter board (HUB), receiving card three-in-one, integrated design, with a stable structure, bright colors, easy to install, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to use and so on.

Differing from the traditional LED box, the advantages of LX-lite&LMA2 series 3-in-1 design are as follows:

1. High product integration. 

The three-in-one design integrates multiple functional components together, improving product integration and making the overall structure more compact and beautiful.

2、Lighter, thinner and more beautiful. 

Three-in-one design will greatly optimize the LED internal box layout, reduce the weight of the box, making it lighter, thinner and more beautiful, to the Clent LX-lite, for example, the weight is only 3.4Kg, the thinnest place is only 16mm.

3、High reliability and safety. 

Three-in-one design reduces the number of external connections and interfaces, reduces the risk of failure due to poor connections or loose interfaces, and improves the stability and reliability of the product.

4, simplify the construction difficulty. 

The three-in-one design integrates the traditional power supply, adapter board and receiver card that need to be installed separately, reducing construction steps and installation time.

5, saving installation and maintenance costs.

The three-in-one design reduces the number of required components, reducing material costs, while simplifying the installation and maintenance process, reducing labor costs.

The traditional LED cabinet (power supply, adapter board (HUB) and receiver card are designed separately), meaning that the separate design may lead to unstable connections between the various components, prone to signal transmission problems, stability decline: affecting the display effect of the LED screen. It will also increase the difficulty and complexity of maintenance, resulting in increased costs.

Industry experts, CLT R&D responsible person said, "With the continuous progress of LED display technology and application needs continue to improve, LED screen three-in-one design will become the mainstream trend of the industry." It is believed that the mass production and rollout of CLT LX-lite & LM 2 three-in-one fine pitch will greatly squeeze or even replace the traditional LED small spacing box.