Audio-visual and visual feast of light & CLT Frankfurt chase light travel

Release time:2024.03.29
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic

On March 19, 2024, Prolight+Sound 2024 officially kicked off at Messe Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As a professional stage lighting and sound exhibition with high degree of internationalization and influence, this year, CLT exhibited the world's first new technology, new products and professional LED display solutions to the LED industry in Hall 12.1, Booth F60. Since the opening of the exhibition, the LED products integrating technology and light and shadow aesthetics of CLT's booth broke into the vision of the exhibitors, and the international guests who came to visit and consult were constantly welcomed, feeling the full load of enthusiasm, and the effect of the exhibition exceeded the expectations.

LED rental screen market conditions, most buyers and visitors are generally inclined to pay attention to the ease of use and protection of the box, the exhibition of the R2 rental led display series perfectly fits this market demand, environmental protection and low-consumption features also make the performance in all kinds of scenarios is more prominent, and become the focus of attention in the booth.

In addition, the rental LED Smart All-in-One led display has become a new trend for Prolight+Sound 2024. CLT F-Board A series, with its easy mobility and fully automatic folding and lifting features, has won the favor of many renters. This new intelligent all-in-one product, which caused a sensation at ISE and ISLE, is a revolutionary upgrade series based on the F-Board series, which has won the German IF Design Award for 23 years. This international award is undoubtedly the best recognition for the excellent design and innovative research and development of the F-Board A series.

World's First | F-Board A Fully Automatic Folding and Lifting led display

CLT latest F-Board A series, the world's first fully-automatic folding and lifting all-in-one led display, has attracted the attention of international buyers after its debut at this year's Frankfurt Fair. This series of products overcome many technical difficulties such as hinges, structural components, covers and creases, and follow the forward-looking and bold design concepts to show the extraordinary LED display status. Its unique features of convenient movement and folding and lifting can freely enter and exit narrow spaces such as elevators, free installation, 2 minutes out of the air box, very suitable for exhibitions, hotels, events and other rental scenarios.

Meanwhile, its perfect fusion of industrial aesthetics and minimalist design has created a new technological paradigm of folding and lifting all-in-one, which has been unanimously recognized by domestic and international audiences.

Free Splicing | Poster Pro Screen

What makes the industry not yet amazed is the seamless cascade and high brightness and high refresh characteristics of the Poster Pro series of poster screens, these innovative technologies give the Poster Pro series unparalleled portability and expandability, when 2-6 units of the product is seamlessly connected to achieve splicing, the display screen is changed from a small to a large, and the content presented is more in-depth. This breakthrough not only makes the visual effect more stunning, but also provides more display and content dissemination possibilities for advertising, exhibitions, conferences and other scenarios in various industries.

Low consumption and high brightness | R2 Series

CLT also presents the R2 series, a revolutionary work of indoor and outdoor standardized stage rental, which is made of die-cast aluminum, and the lightweight design makes the handling and installation easier and more comfortable, and brings unprecedented convenient experience for users. What's more worth mentioning is that R2 series fully respect the user's creativity and needs, adjusted according to the needs of the use of the scene, so that the LED display becomes more convenient and humanized.

Same time, the R2 series not only has excellent thermal conductivity to ensure that the complex weather conditions still maintain excellent display status, but also in the details carefully polished. in addition, the rental products frequently disassembled and transported the pain points, the R2 series can be easily dealt with, to provide a stable and reliable visual feast.

From LED full scene solutions, to more suitable LED products in each scene; from intelligent display solutions for different engineering categories, to indoor and outdoor, large and small spacing products for sub-categories ..... CLT presents leading LED display technology and hardcore LED display products to the international market. Let the world be surprised by China's advanced LED display technology. Such a rare communication opportunity is valuable for CLT and LED display industry.

CLT's European team will continue to present CLT's innovative LED display technology to the international industry leaders at booth F60, Hall 12.1, Messe Frankfurt, and we look forward to seeing you there!