Rental Screen

Rental Screen

Light and shadow accompany, innovation is boundless

Indoor and outdoor rental products Phantom R2 series(P1.9/2.6/2.9/3.9/4.8)

Core parameters

800-1000 (indoor)</br>4000-4500 (outdoor)

800-1000 (indoor)
4000-4500 (outdoor)

Brightness (nit)

8000:1 (indoor)</br>10000:1 (outdoor)

8000:1 (indoor)
10000:1 (outdoor)

contrast ratio



Grayscale (bit)



Horizontal/vertical viewing angle (H/V °)

Full color gamut, visual impact

100% NTSC color gamut at the film and television level, making color expression more accurate and highly reproducing the real world.

Integrated design for easier disassembly

Integrated design, quick disassembly of buckle fixation, achieving efficient operation.

Multiple protection, worry free safety

The product technology comes with super strong protection, allowing the screen to easily cope with various environmental tests.

Full front and rear maintenance, achieving twice the result with half the effort

Full magnetic suction design, quick disassembly, easy to maintain with no tools for 3 seconds.

Efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly choice

Average power consumption per square meter ≤ 190W, peak power consumption ≤ 560W, lower carbon and more environmentally friendly.

Lightweight and portable, easy to control with one hand

The hidden handle design of the box allows for easy handling with one hand, greatly improving engineering efficiency.

Multiple application scenarios

The lecture hall, auditorium, stage, and other long-distance and large designed scenes are used.