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Five secrets tell you, how to choose an LED small pitch screen?

Release time:2024.03.14
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic
Five secrets tell you, how to choose an LED small pitch screen?

With the rapid development of technology, LED display screens have become an important tool for information dissemination and visual display today. However, the outbreak of the industry has also been accompanied by chaos. Some manufacturers, in order to reduce costs and improve profit margins, use inferior materials and equipment in product design and production processes, resulting in unstable product performance, high failure rates, fast light decay, and mandatory product certification, even resulting in serious safety issues.

As early as 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the 2020 Revised Edition of the Description and Definition Table for Compulsory Product Certification Catalogues. The 45th category clearly indicates that LED electronic display screens belong to "display devices (0903) used in conjunction with computers" and product certification should be mandatory. The LED module splicing screen does not meet the requirements of the national 3C certification, and there are huge safety hazards (such as fire, electric shock, electromagnetic radiation, etc.).

So, how to choose a high-quality LED small pitch screen? This article will reveal the secret to choosing LED small pitch screens for you.

1、 Pay attention to product brands

When choosing LED small spacing, it is important to identify major brands. A big brand often means strong technology, good quality, good reputation, and guaranteed service. For example, well-known domestic brands such as Colombe are outstanding in the field of LED small pitch screens. With 16 years of research and development experience and advanced production technology, they can provide high-quality and cost-effective LED small pitch screen products, serving more than 20000 major customers such as the Longgang government, Longgang People's Hospital, Wuxi high-speed railway station, Yantai Yangma Island in Shandong, and East China Normal University.

2、 Preferred brand complete machine

The brand's complete machine is pre installed and delivered to customers, and the mandatory national CCC certification standard ensures better quality. Taking the latest small pitch shaking light brand whole machine launched by Corinth as an example, this product adopts a three in one design of power supply, adapter board (HUB), and receiving card; True 3840Hz high refresh rate, supports flash correction data storage on the light board, and displays clearer; Full box low power, maximum power of 75W, green and environmentally friendly;


3、 Pay attention to product configuration

The configuration of LED small pitch screens is directly related to their performance and usability. When making a purchase, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Point spacing: The smaller the point spacing, the higher the resolution and the clearer the image. The Colent shaking light small pitch brand has more than 1.2/1.5/1.8 pitches to choose from.

2. Refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate, the better the smoothness of the image. Generally speaking, a refresh rate of 3840Hz or higher is required to ensure smooth graphics.

3. Color gamut coverage: The wider the color gamut coverage, the richer the color representation. Common color gamut standards include NTSC and sRGB.

4. Other configurations, such as driver IC and power supply, can also affect product performance. Choose the appropriate configuration to ensure stable and reliable product performance.

4、 Pay attention to product quality

The quality of LED small pitch screens is directly related to their service life and reliability. When making a purchase, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Raw materials: The entire machine of the small pitch brand of Corinth Shake Light is selected from high-quality raw material suppliers to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

2. Production process: Choosing brands with advanced production processes can ensure higher and more stable product quality.

3. Quality testing: Strict quality testing is an important step in ensuring product quality. Choosing an enterprise with a comprehensive quality inspection system can ensure that product quality meets national standards and industry norms.

As an established manufacturer of LED screens with small spacing and a designated supplier of LED screens at the Canton Fair for 11 consecutive years, Colent has maintained consistent quality for over a decade, and its quality is as solid as a rock.

5、 Pay attention to after-sales service

High quality after-sales service is an important guarantee for consumers to purchase. All products of Colent are guaranteed nationwide, and after-sales issues are promptly responded to within 24 hours. Based on the level of malfunction, the manufacturer provides on-site repair or nearby service providers are arranged for repair. And provide equipment related training services, including basic principles, usage, simple fault handling, and maintenance knowledge, to ensure that the training covers users.

In short, when choosing a complete LED small pitch screen brand, attention should be paid to multiple aspects such as product brand, product configuration, product quality, and after-sales service. Only through comprehensive consideration can we choose high-quality and cost-effective LED small pitch screen products that meet practical needs.