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The "Mobile Lecture Platform" and "Intelligent Conference" solutions from Corinth have appeared at the Tianjin Education Exhibition

Release time:2024.03.14
Publisher:Shenzhen CLT Electronic
On October 20, 2023, the 82nd China Education Equipment Exhibition was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). The theme of this exhibition is "Digital Empowerment of Education, Innovation Leading the Future". It adopts an online and offline integration exhibition mode, focusing on showcasing new products, solutions, and achievements in the digital transformation of education, the integration of educational equipment and teaching; Inviting industry experts and business representatives to share the latest research results and practical experience; Gathering industry elites to jointly explore the development path and trend of digital transformation of education and innovation in education and teaching.

Education is the foundation of a country

The Outline of the National Medium - and Long Term Education Reform and Development Plan proposes to prioritize the development of education, comprehensively improve the quality of higher education, strengthen physical and aesthetic education in schools, build a modern national education system and a lifelong education system, and form a learning society. The Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan proposes to actively develop smart education based on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, relying on various intelligent devices and networks.

LED screens, as audio-visual terminals for smart education, play an important role in the education industry. Rich teaching content, such as pictures, videos, animations, etc., makes it easier for students to understand and remember teaching content, and improves teaching effectiveness. At the same time, IOT control enables interaction and control of teaching content, improving student participation and enthusiasm in learning.

Technology empowers education

As the pioneer of LED commercial display concept and the first smart commercial display overall solution service provider in China, Colent actively explores the application and solutions of LED all-in-one machines in smart education and smart conferences.

At this exhibition, Colorant launched a one-stop solution for "mobile podium" and an intelligent conference solution, integrating the world's first LED folding and lifting all-in-one machine and IOT mobile control terminal. Through IoT technology, the teaching environment and conference scenes are intelligentized.

The Corinth Mobile Lecture Platform uses the Corinth handheld butler to teach educational content such as pictures, videos, animations, and PPTs, which are synchronized in real-time to the LED folding and lifting all-in-one machine. There is no need to stand on the podium for class or sit in a seat to operate the computer. Teachers can easily and conveniently move around the classroom with a handheld terminal, and switch courseware content at any time. It can be used in multiple scenarios such as multimedia classrooms, tiered classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, etc., with no blind spots covering the entire venue. Through super chromaticity technology, super image processing technology, and anti blue light technology, it can highly restore color purity while protecting student vision.

In addition, the smart conference solution showcased by Colent integrates LED folding and lifting all-in-one machine, conference terminal, high-definition camera, and conference software, making it convenient and fast.

The scene was crowded with people, and the Colorant LED folding and lifting all-in-one machine, with its advanced design, innovative folding, easy movement, and brilliant display effects, has received frequent stops and enthusiastic attention from exhibition customers.

Digital Intelligence Changes the Future

The digitization and intelligence bring not only new technologies, but also new markets and models to the education industry. In the future, the Chinese economy is transforming and upgrading from a demographic dividend to technological innovation, and the development prospects of the smart education industry are broad, ushering in a new golden period of development. In addition to adding artificial intelligence related courses in primary schools, relevant artificial intelligence courses have also been offered in middle schools and universities. With a large number of small, medium, and high schools nationwide, intelligent displays will also be used in a large number of display devices, and the LED screen industry will usher in a new round of development dividends.