All-in-one Led Display

All-in-one Led Display

Automatic Liftable&Foldable All-in-One LED Display

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Main Parameters

New Automatic Liftable&Foldable

Global original automatic backward folding,no need disassembly, easy transport, free access to the elevator

Ultimate Display, Restore The Real World

3840Hz high refresh rate, smooth picture , efficient HDR capture of picture dynamics, enhance color accuracy

Safe Lifting, Collision Sensing

Collision sensing function, by external force immediately stop lifting to prevent fuselage damage

Low Consumption And High Efficiency, Energy Saving Pioneer

Standby power is only 0.5W, lower than the industry average, more environmentally

Simplify The Complex, One Click Operation

Equipped with self developed Coled OS user friendly system, ultimate experience intelligence and convenience

Ultimate Visual&Sound

Built in ultra thin sound system, left and right channel stereo surround, 20-20000Hz full band coverage

Multiple Inputs To Achieve Spelling Control

Supports PIP and PBP mode, supports 4 channel signals and 9 device wireless screen projection, let’s share the ideas on the same screen.