All-in-one Led Display

All-in-one Led Display

The World's Thinnest 25MM COB All-in-One LED Display

<X- Board 4C>

Main Parameters

Slim And Integrated, Extraordinary Beauty

Redefining technological aesthetics, the world’s thinnest 25mm integrated design, minimalist shape

Full Flip Chip Design

Full flip chip surface, light source soft display to relieve visual fatigue

Highly Integrated, Xtremely Fast Disassembly And Assembly

30 minutes quick installation, flexible to adapt to various applications

Simplify The Complex, One Click Operation

Equipped with self developed Coled OS user friendly system, ultimate experience intelligence and convenience

Screen Management Software,loT Control

“COLED”Screen management APP for IoT intelligent control, wireless screen projection, one click connect, smart split screen, scene switching, smarter and simpler

Comfortable Viewing, Intelligent Adjustment

The brightness is adjustable in 8 levels, for better product&eyes protection

Multiple Inputs To Achieve Spelling Control

Supports PIP and PBP mode, supports 4 channel signals and 9 device wireless screen projection, let’s share the ideas on the same screen