All-in-one Led Display

All-in-one Led Display

Inward folding for easy transportation

Passion for easy: Thanks to the lifting, movable designs and industrial 1st inward-folding technology,
F-Board requires only 2 person in 2min from opening flight case to use and can access elevators.

Safe lifting and collision sensing

65cm lifting can be freely adjusted ,safe lifting by built-in collision sensing system,
equipment automatically stops when external force is detected to avoid any damages.

Excellent user experience

It’s different from conventional LED display, F-Board is highly integrated, plug and play, Android OS, a totally user friendly product
which supports video conferencing, mobile terminals interactive and bring you comfortable Harman Kardon sound.

Colorful and realistic picture quality

With a powerful AI processor, super chromaticity technology and super image processing technology,
2K/4K HDR,F-Board presents true-to-life high quality image.

Handheld butler, IoT control

COLED handheld butler IoT intelligent control, wireless projection, one-click streaming,
smart split-screen, scene switching, smarter and simpler.

Multi channel signal processing,
one screen for multiple purposes

Supports PIP and PBP functions. A single screen can support up to 4 signals on the wall at the same time;
and supports wireless projection with 9 screen displays.