All-in-one Led Display

All-in-one Led Display

Bigger visual

Wide All-in-one LED Display

Highly integrated and Plug&play

Integrating fine pitch led display technology, 2K/4K high-definition display,
android system, video conferencing, IoT control, harman audio, and more

Flexible independent operation or dual-screen splicing

Based on X-board 4 series products, it can realize 32:9 display, physical splicing and control system, both
can be freely spliced and detached for independent use

High definition

3840*1080 high definition, hyperchromatic technology and hyperimage processing technology

Handy management, IOT control

COLED handy IOT smart control can realize screen share, screen splitting, scene switching, easier & smarter

Multi-signal processing, one screen
for multiple usages

Support PIP, PBP function, can realize wide screen display, dual screen display,
triple screen display, one screen multiple purposes.

Adapt to bigger spaces


Multi scenarios

One or dual screen splicing, fully cover needs for class room, conference rooms, command centers, and lecture halls, etc