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X-Poster Eco

The world's leading AIoT intelligent ecology commercial LED display with poster screen

indoor rental LED Display
HD quality

Global ultra-thin design(35mm)

Over 97% color saturation,exquisite picture quality,low brightness and high gray

8-level freely adjustable brightness

User-lever front maintenance,all-weather protection technology,anti-broken LED,moisture-proof,anti-static, radiation-proof, wear-resisting and high-efficiency heat dissipation.

indoor rental LED Display
Multiple control playback modes

Support USB 、HDMI Sync、Lan AAP control to play

Support WIFI、Ethernet internet connection and so on

Plug and play,Any video automatically plays full screen,zero setting ,quick and simple

indoor rental LED Display
Intelligent cluster management & control

Support remote intelligent monitoring and timing switch

Support Android cellphone and smart end to remote wireless interacting operate in anytime and anywhere, totally controlled.

Support intelligent cluster management & control,support remote centralize management, auditing, play and control. It is the precision marketing tool that multiply the advertising value

indoor rental LED Display
Multi-screen playback, high consistency

Support Sync/async model switch to play

Support multiple splicing large screen to meet more advertisements and events

indoor rental LED Display
indoor rental LED Display
Commercial poster Display Specification

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