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Conference Room

Conference room is needed in government, company and school. With the rapidly growing number of the conference room, the demands for display machine become more and more strong. To avoid the bad experience by traditional display machine, CLT X-Board designed for conference room is characterized by 35mm ultra-slim design, 8 level adjustment brightness, easy to operate without specific training, etc.

Solution Features:

1. Saves space with 35mm ultra-slim design

2. Wall mounting and stacking installation with second decoration

3. Save time and cost as 2 people install it within 2 hours

4. Four sizes 108/135/163/216 inches for conference room

5. All-in-one machine, one power cable and one button to turn it on/off

6. Easy to operate via remote control, mouse, APP, etc.

7. Support screen mirroring via computer, phone, iPad

8. Share ideas via interactive writing design


Government office, company conference room, bank reception, communication center, school auditorium, shopping mall, etc.

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System framework:
System Diagram
  • topology for indoor conference room led display
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