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A) Solution Features:

1) Adoptting SMD three-in-one technology which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, while the large viewing angle, high contrast and high refresh rate, color and brightness can be adjusted simultaneously make the display images more exquisite and more realistic.

2) Software partition function to realise the multi-window displaying, which can display images, text, clock, race scores.

3) Adoptting efficient optical fiber transmission system, which can effectively avoid the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance in the stadium, to ensure the consistency of the image displaying.

4) Adoptting the latest video processing technology to ensure that the extraordinary image display, support multi-type video sources input.

5) Auto-monitoring system is based on PLC as intelligent control unit, together with the monitoring sensors to monitor the external environment and to control the abnormal status in real-time, remote control by computer.

6) Special cabinets material with good moisture and corrosion resistance which can be used in different climate zones around the world, the operation temperature range is between -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;

7) The new cabinet structure design to meet the fence installation and stacked installation, suitable for various occasions.

8) The field screen can be adjusted in the inclination angle of the cabinets according to the different requirements (60 ° ~ 90 °), so that all the audience can see the contents of the broadcast.

9) High waterproof scale, IP65 both front and back, which achieves the playing under rain.

B) Applications

Mainly used in football stadiums, basketball courts, swimming pool and so on.

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System Framework:
System Framework:
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