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Outdoor Digital Billboard

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Release date:2020/05/21

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outdoor digital billboard solution

As the development of the technology and the improvement of human life, the disadvantages of the static billboards have been increasingly prominent. For example, changing the conventional billboards regularly will take more time and labor cost but less return. Meanwhile, more and more advertisers choose the digital LED billboards to display vivid picture, video and other format to attract the passer-by’s attention. Therefore, it is necessary for you, an intelligent advertiser, to find a good digital led display for your company, brand, product, service, etc.

Digital led billboard, one kind of outdoor led display, can be installed in the busiest areas of the cities. The reason for its success is that the advertisers can easily change the content on the digital led billboard with the development of the company, the updating of the products and the unpredictable information via pictures, videos and other resources, such as 3D claims.

A) Solution Features:

1) Adopt low power consumption but ultra-bright LEDs to meet any outdoor working environment with various brightness;

2) High refresh rate and high gray scale which makes the LED display more realistic to meet the high quality visual requirements of commercial use;

3) Adopt double data & double power supply design to ensure the reliability and stability of power and signal;

4) Patented with curved mask design to effectively improve the contrast of the screen;

5) Adopt display operation monitoring system which can immediately send report to the designated mailbox once error occured, to improve the error processing speed;

6) Timing or remote real-time control switch to realise the unattended function;

7) Support network cluster control function, you can control the global displays in one place, timely control of the playing content of the screen and you can always change the content that you want to play;

8) Auto-brightness control system, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to changes of the outdoor ambient light , to save energy and to reduce the operation costs.

9) Designed for the harsh outdoor environment, the reliable protection scale and full screen heat dissipation design were adopted, meanwhile the rigorous manufacturing process can ensure the long time stablity.

B) Applications:

Widely used in city squares, banks, postal office, dock, shopping malls, stations, schools, restaurants, hotels, buildings and various other outdoor advertising occasions, etc.

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