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Make the LED Display Smarter and Simpler

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Release date:2019/09/27

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Shenzhen CLT has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales and service with the vision to be world-class commercial led display supplier. With the development of science and technology, we are strive to improve the designs and functions of our products to meet the customer's needs. As senior partner of Canton Fair, we are glad to attend the 126th Canton Fair and invite you to visit our company.

The latest commercial led display X-Board large screen is waiting for you. It is widely used in conference room, classroom, hall, training room and other places because of it quick installation and maintenance, intellugent system and convenient operation.

Followings are some features for your reference.

* Intelligent Android 8.0 system

* Ground stacking and wall mounting

* Four sizes 108"135" 163" 216" can be chosen

* The world’s first networking live smart TV above 110 inch

* Remote video conference, wireless projection, multi-screens interaction

More details can be got from our professionals.

X-Poster screen can be used in many projects like market activity, retail shop, advertising banner with different installation ways such as hanging, seamless splicing, ground stacking, etc.

Other features can be listed.

* Remote cloud management

* Intelligent Android 8.0 system

* Multiple interfaces to meet your needs

* 35mm super thin and 39kg super light design

* Bracket standing, wall mounting, hanging, DIY splicing, etc.

Please ask our sales for more information.

Other advanced products, such as outdoor fixed led displays-C480SE and fine pitch led display H251-A2 can also be found at our display area. Our professionals will be ready and available to discuss various applications and give direct demonstrations of the products.

As an LED display technology innovator, CLT is committed to providing industry-leading products both in design and quality. Glad to show you our excellent led displays and professional services.

Come and join us and let us show you a more colorful future!

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