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Global Debut CLT 3rd Generation X-Board Smart& Commercial LED Display

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Release date:2019/04/25

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In 2016, CLT was first to introduce”Commercial Led Display”, since then, CLT has successively launched the first generation and second generation products of smart commercial led display.With the vision of becoming the "world-class LED commercial display supplier"and the culture customer-oriented , CLT aimed to reach the No.1 in the area of Commercial Led Display. At present,CLT commercial led displays have been sold to 20 countries around the world, widely used in the government agencies and enterprises with highly approval.

Commercial Led Display

Meeting room is an import and inseparable part of government agencies, corporate and schools. Not only is it the business card to carry the function of customer meeting and business negotiation but also it is the communication platform of emotion exchange and working discussion.

Common conference displays include: DLP projection,  LCD splicing display, and interactive Flat Panel. But can these products really meet your requirements?

DLP projection:Due to the low brightness and blurred screen of DLP projection, only turn off the light and close the curtain, the document can be seen clearly.And because of limited display area, poor display effect and narrow gamut, it leads to whitish screen, poor color performance and gloom atmosphere.

DLP Projection

Commercial Led Display

LCD splicing display: The large splicing gab leads to discontinuous picture, poor display effect, slow response and shadowed dynamic pictures.What’s more, it need about 10㎡ installation space.

LCD Display

Commercial Led Display

The large splicing gab leads to discontinuous picture, poor display effect, slow response and shadowed dynamic pictures.What′s more, it need about 10㎡ installation space.

Interactive Flat Panel

Commercial Led Display

It has been widely used in nowadays as emerging products. While it can’t afford the meeting over 50 people for its size under 100 inches. Also the short life, low brightness unable to adjust limits its application.

As you can see, the traditional meeting equipment can’t meet the modern meeting requirement. Therefore, the new generation meeting room Led display---CLT X-Board reform the meeting information display, leaving customers more choices.

Following is the detailed introduction of the new meeting room display——CLT 3rd Generation X-Board Commercial LED Display.

Multiple Sizes

Commercial Led Display

The CLT X-Board is available in four different sizes and resolutions of 108 inch, 135 inch, 163 inch and 216 inch to match different scenes and is applicable to a variety of places such as government agencies, companies, education and training places and transportation.

Rich Interfaces

Commercial Led Display

Rich interfaces for USB、TV、Audio、HDMI and so on.

Super core, Run smoothly

Commercial Led Display

Developed and researched by CLT, the control system of X-Board is equipped with a quad-core super-powerful CPU, a Mail T820 ultra-high-performance GPU and 3G large memory for smoother operation.Also it owns 16G storage space that can be expanded to support more applications.

Remote video conferencing

Commercial Led Display

The X-Board supports remote video conferencing.The external 12 MP HD webcam produces high-definition picture and more intuitive data interaction, achieving zero-distance & face-to-face communication which effectively lowersmeeting costs and improves the efficiency of the meeting.

Wireless Projection

Commercial Led Display

Wireless projection function, one-button sharing of information in rear time without any extra accessories.Say goodbye to the projector and electronic whiteboard,wireless sharing the information in the computer,tablet and cellphone in real time.Real-time push of content on devices to achieve seamless connection of various display terminals.The x-board combines the functions of various conferencing devices in one devices, you can annotate all the files in any channel and write inspiration at any time.

Multi-screen interaction

Commercial Led Display

Support 2k/4k display and support two screens, four screens simultaneously displayed.Stable picture,any signal resolution is automatically suitable to the screen.

Smart whiteboard

Commercial Led Display

Support handwriting.Habitual gesture operation,allowing each idea to be displayed.Share the whiteboard content through mobile phone scanning, email and so on with no photo storage required and meeting efficiency improvement.

High brightness, high refresh

Commercial Led Display

300-900nit, 8-level adjustable brightness, 14bit grayscale, and 10000:1 ultra-high contrast.In any environment,it can attract viewers to focus on the speaker for a long time, making the meeting more focused.

Remote control

Commercial Led Display

Support wireless devices such as remote control and laser pointers,easier to control the conference process in anytime and anywhere.

Android System, mutiple software

Commercial Led Display

Support for Android,built-in multiple software,and support for downloading other software. Support WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and Ethernet.

Built-in speaker

Commercial Led Display

Built-in speaker with noise reduction technology, automatically filtering the noise.Help your speech and audio to be heard clearly,making the meeting more stereoscopic,real and easy.

HD wide viewing angle

Commercial Led Display

180° wide viewing angle,even the meeting with 100 attendances has no blind point.Refreshing above 2800Hz brings the ultimate visual feast to the participants.

Mutilple installation ways

Commercial Led DisplayCommercial Led Display

Support floor stand and Fix installation,suitable for multiple places.

Characterized with standardization, high density,internet and user level maintenance,the CLT commercial LED display is the perfect meeting display system to be used in the high-end clubs, airports,high-speed rail stations, government agencies,enterprises and institutions.

Generation 2 application cases

Commercial Led DisplayCommercial Led Display

Commercial Led DisplayCommercial Led Display