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Notes For LED Display During Holiday

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Release date:2021/02/04

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Dear Customers,

Happy 2021! This is a new beginning and things will be better. Thanks for your support and advice, which makes it possible for CLT to improve itself and provide more wonderful led displays and services.

The followings listed are the notes for led display instruction and maintenance. Please read them carefully and take action.

Notes for Environment

1.Indoor environment temperature should be controlled at 22 ± 10 ℃, meanwhile, humidity should be controlled at 25% RH ~ 60% RH, with no condensation.

2.Place a dehumidifier and close the doors and windows to adjust the temperature and humidity to meet the standard mentioned at 1. The screen that is not used for more than 7 days, should be covered with plastic film to avoid the influence of dampness or dust after power-off.

3.Do not directly touch the screen with fingers, liquid and aerosols.

a.Do not use volatile and corrosive articles such as sulphur and keep them away from the LED screen.

b. The outlet of bubbler, smoke detector and air conditioner should not face directly to the Led screen when they are working, and at least 3-5 meters away from the screen

c. Do not place the pot plant, moisturizer and other items  items which will increase humidity in front of the screen.

d. Do not use wet tools to clean the room while the distance between the screen body and the ground is less than 50cm.

4. It is not recommended to open windows in rainy weather. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity and if they exceed the standard, please turn on the air conditioner or the dehumidifier in time, then follow the Dehumidification Scheme to guarantee its normal operation.

Notes for Operation

No matter it is indoor led video wall or outdoor advertising billboard, the most effective way for led display to decrease the influence of the humidity is to use it frequently. Under the working state, the display screen itself will generate some heat, which can evaporate some water vapor, thus greatly reducing the possibility of short circuit caused by dampness.

As mentioned above, we list some advice for your operation.

1.It is recommended that the screen remain powered on. When the display screen is not in use, just cut off the signal and do not turn off the screen. The power consumption of the screen in standby mode is 15% of that in normal use. The screen can produce small amount of heat, which can prevent the lamp beads from getting damp again.

2.If the 1st can not be realized, please make sure that the daily power-on time is more than 2 hours, and the indoor environment humidity is recommended to be kept within 25% RH ~ 60% RH. If it used to be damp, the temperature and humidity monitor should be installed on site to monitor the situation in real time. If the humidity exceeds the standard, the air conditioner should be turned on in time for dehumidification.

3.If the screen is not used for more than 3 days, please refer to the Dehumidification Scheme before normal use.

After long-time vacations, please firstly follow our Dehumidification Scheme to make sure the normal operation of the led screen.

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