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CLT's 3rd Generation Conference Large Screen Helped the Smart Display of Tens of Billion-level Listed Companies.

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Release date:2019/08/07

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In 2016, CLT first introduced the concept of "LED commercial display" in the industry and took the lead in defining the introduction of LED commercial products. It has always adhered to the mission of "combining the public and customer-oriented" and is committed to providing products, services, and total solutions based on specific application scenarios for the market like meeting in government and enterprises, retail chains, rail transit, and public services. Recently, CLT’s third-generation conference big screen successfully helped the smart display of tens of billion-level listed companies.

                                                                     Project Details

The project is located in the auditorium and large conference room of a billion-dollar enterprise in a provincial capital city in the southeast. The customer’s project is originally planned to use traditional fine pitch led displays and has completed the project's assignment and design. The project site has been renovated according to the plan. When the project is about to start, it coincides with the release of our third-generation commercial led displays. After receiving the information, the customer visited our company and immediately decided to change the plan and chose the third-generation conference big screen of our company.

Compared to the traditional professional led displays, the advantages of the 3rd generation large conference screen are as listed.

  1. During the construction process, no steel frame is required and the wall is not damaged, and the second decoration is avoided, which can save the cost of the steel frame and the second decoration;
  2. Save labor cost and time. 2 people and 3 hours are needed for the installation of one screen;
  3. Super thin only 35mm, not occupy more space;
  4. Products without any external equipment, saving the cost of accessories;
  5. Plug and play with only one power wire, ordinary household socket can be used, no professional power distribution cabinet;
  6. Product is simple to use, U disk player, remote control, no professionals to operate.

After the installation of the world's first ultra-thin 216-inch LED conference large screen, which was independently developed by CLT, the display effect and exquisite appearance are amazing. The product is as thin as a mural, integrated with the environment, and it is very artistic and has won praises from customers. The customer said that the product has improved the texture of the entire conference room and auditorium, making the conference more efficient, faster and more aesthetic and technological.

Besides, more features are given.

  • More than 2880Hz refresh rate , low brightness and high gray,  meet the broadcast level photography, brightness 8 level adjustable;
  • Rich interfaces, compatible with USB interface, HDMI input and output, RJ45 network port, RF input built-in speaker, audio and video integration;
  • Support U disk plug and play, easy to operate;
  • Wireless projection, multi-screen networking interaction, single screen multi-window display;
  • Support remote video conferencing function, meeting multiple video windows to support remote control operation of remote terminals such as remote control, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
  • Support WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G network, Ethernet multiple network transmission methods;
  • One power wire, one button switch, simple and convenient;
  • Support Wall mounting and Groud stacking installation, more application projects.

The Cases for 2nd Commercial Led Displays

X-Board 170 inch----Institution application

X-Board 156 inch----Government Agency Application

X-Board 156 inch----Companies application