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CLT Brilliant Moments in 2020

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Release date:2021/01/19

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1. Outdoor Waterproof LED Display TC Series (01/26/2020)

Outdoor waterproof led display P6 P8 P10

CLT launched TC series for global outdoor advertising market. TC Series features IP65 high rating, waterproof modules, integrated system box, front & rear maintenance, etc. It comes with P6, P8 and P10 pixel pitches, 3840HZ high refresh rate, and 6000nits-10000nits high brightness, which makes it easy to display a good visual performance to attract the customers’ attention.

2. Indoor Fixed & Rental LED Display H Plus Series (04/29/2020)

indoor fixed and rental led display P2.6, P3.9

CLT improved the H Series and launched the latest one H Plus series which can be characterized by 1200nits brightness, 160°wide viewing angle, corners protection design, landing protection design,  90°right-angle installation, etc.

3. X-Board With Out-Of-The-Box Installation and Liftable Base (10/30/2020)

All-in-one out-of-the-box led display solution with height-adjustable design

CLT upgraded the X-Board Ⅲ All-in-one LED Display. The improvements are made in the structure design of the product. the X-Board Ⅲ Series is now equipped with adjustable height and out-of-the-box installation, which makes it possible to choose the appropriate height and no need to spend several hours or several days installing the led video wall. The upgrades allow the product to be used for indoor applications such as conference room, enterprise lobby, government office, music concert, retail stores, airports/ railways, media, and advertising, sports and entertainment, auditoriums, etc.

4. Immersive Full-Screen Solution E-Board Series (11/02/2020)

Full-screen all-in-one led display 108/135/163/216 inches

CLT produces E-Board Series at a competitive price which is the factor some customers pay more attention to. Besides, it also features as listed:

* Thinnest thickness <25mm, Wall Mounted thickness <60mm

* The proportion of display size is >99%

* Various interfaces for video and audio

* One button to turn it on/off

* Video conference, wireless projection, multi-screens interaction

* Easy and quick front maintenance


ISE Exhibition in the Netherlands (02/11/2020~02/14/2020)

CLT group photo at ISE 2020 led display booth

During COVID-19, CLT overcame the hard situation and spares no efforts to arrange for the ISE Exhibition so as to show the great led display experience.

Resumption for work and production (02/13/2020)

CLT conduct the approach of resumption for work and production

Adhere to the government’s “Resumption for work and production” approach, CLT was united to overcome the threat of the COVID-19. The methods for the prevention of COVID-19 has been strictly carried out. We have insised on daily temperature measurement, disinfection, wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and more than one-meter social distance.

First domestic livestreaming (03/15/2020)

first domestic livestreaming during COVID-19 for commercial led display

In the 13th anniversary celebration of the founding of CLT, CLT put forward the online course “Commercial LED Display Application Analysis” to illustrate the professional LED Display Solution, Practice Training and the Future of the Industry.

First overseas livestreaming (04/03/2020)

first overseas livestreaming to guard to application for commercial led display during COVID-19

CLT held the first overseas livestreaming in English that proposed some useful methods to prevent the COVID-19, introduced the Commercial LED Display Series and presented the huge development potential and the broad market for it in order to solve some problems caused by COVID-19 and enforce the communication between CLT and the customers.

Looking for distributors all over the world (05/20/2020)

looking for led display distributor around the world

CLT started to look for distributors for HUBOARD brand and builds the sales network to offer better service.

A speech about smart Commercial LED Display by CLT CEO (06/16/2020)

CLT CEO Neil Duan's speech about commercial led display challenge during COVID-19

CLT CEO Neil Duan has shown us the advantages of the company, influences by COVID-19, development trends of all-in-one led display, and how to deal with this situation.

More than millions sales volume in 2 hours’ livestreaming(06/21/2020)

HUBOARD 163inches to promote the livestreaming

With the assistance of HUBOARD All-in-One large video wall, Mr. Zeng successfully sold the goods that were worth over a million dollars and attracted more than 165,000 people to watch the livestreaming for both Father’s Day and Dragon Boat Festival.

ISLE 2020 (08/31/2020~ 09/03/2020)

CLT group photo at ISLE 2020 booth

CLT not only exhibited the Commercial LED Displays and Professional LED Displays, but also provided online All-Star Livestreaming and Cloud Booth Guide, which makes the visitors feel be present without really having to be there.

Beijing Infocomm 2020 (09/28/2020~09/30/2020)

CLT group photo at Beijing Infocomm 2020 booth

CLT showcased the HUBOARD Large LED TV series, X-Poster Pro Series, Indoor Fine Pitch LED Displays, etc.

The 11th Shenzhen Arts & Crafts Fair (10/29/2020~11/01/2020)

P2.6 P3.9 corner splicing led display at the exhibition

This exhibition was held to display arts and crafts with traditional Chinese cultures. CLT, as a national high-tech enterprise, has integrated the traditional Chinese cultures with the led display to attract more people’s attention.

“General Technical Specification for Indoor All-in-One Commercial LED Display ” (12/02/2020)

general specification for indoor all-in-one commercial led display

“General Technical Specification for Indoor All-in-One Commercial LED Display ”,  which was drafted by CLT and led by BDSA, was officially promulgated on December 2, 2020.


awards for cle led display
clt awards for digital signage


HUBOARD-135 inches-training room

HUBOARD--135 inches--training room

HUBOARD-163 inches-conference room

HUBOARD-163 inches--conference room

HUBOARD-216 inches-company office

HUBOARD-216 inches--company office

HUBOARD-216 inches-hotel lobby

HUBOARD-216 inches--hotel lobby

HUBOARD-216 inches-school auditorium

HUBOARD-216 inches--school auditorium

Shopping Mall--P1.8

Shopping Mall--P1.8

Bank office--P1.6

Bank office--P1.6