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CLT Launches X-Board Pro for Indoor Activities

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Release date:2020/11/03

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As the first enterprise to define Commercial LED Display and  publicly release the "Fine Pitch Commercial LED Display Technology Standard", following the 3rd generation of X-board all-in-one led TV, CLT launched X-board III Pro Series large screen with lifting installation for Commercial LED Display market such as conference room, company lobby, station, shopping mall, auditorium and so on.

There coming 2 sizes 108-inch and 135-inch and it is equipped with lifting installation to satisfy the different demands of the users.


1. Easy to deliver with whole screen package

We are glad to show you this real all-in-one led display which is packaged by whole screen with out-of-the box installation. It is convenient to just move it to the room and remove the flight case and then power-on to start it.

2. Stable Base

It supports symmetrical base, curved line design and double column. All of these make sure that the height of the screen can be freely adjusted. At the same time, the movable base is compatible with the X-Board screen (108 / 135 inches).

3. One button to go up and down

600mm lifting height can be chosen. Considering the safety, it will rebound when it comes across the resistance. During the lifting, the LCD panel will display the height of the screen. Besides, 4 heights can be set which makes it easier to reach the right height just to click one button.

4 Convenient & Easy Adjustment

When there is a urgent activity and the large screen is needed, it is a good choice to get a X-Board Pro. You can easily move it to the destination, remove the flight case and power it on. After finishing these steps, you can showcase the content you want.