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CLT Launches E-Board Series

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Release date:2020/11/04

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According to the statistics of professional industry research institutions, by the middle of 2020, there are more than 100 million conference rooms in the world, including about 29 million large conference rooms, accounting for about 30% of the market. Large scale conferences show that there is still a large demand in the market.

Therefore, in 2019, CLT launched the HUBOARD 3rd generation of commercial display all-in-one led display, which has been greatly recognized in the high-end display fields such as government enterprise meetings, large enterprises and rail transit. In 2020, CLT launches E-Board enterprise-level display all-in-one video wall with high cost performance again to meet the needs of more small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the second half of 2020, CLT invited the German R&D team to discuss the product positioning, target customer groups, product functions and product design for about two months. After three months of R&D testing and verification, it finally released the full screen of E-board series on November 1.


01. IV Voice Control

The product supports intelligent voice control, which can realize voice call conference, intelligent control, voice brightness adjustment and other functions, and instantly enjoy the whole scene intelligent life.

02. High Integrity

In order to bring users a cleaner, stable and more intelligent user experience, CLT pioneered highly integrated technology and applied it to the integrated intelligent system board. The board is equipped with intelligent Android / Windows system, which is simpler, less space occupied and more stable than the way of internal and external player box or system control cabinet in the industry.

03. Wireless Projection

The E-board series products support one key wireless screen projection, easy screen projection using computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., and support multiple devices and multiple terminals to cast screens at the same time, so as to facilitate the participants to share the contents on the devices at any time.

04. Brightness Adjustment

It supports manual adjustment of brightness, brightness self-adaptive and voice adjustment of brightness. The brightness is adjustable in 8 levels. Users can choose the appropriate brightness according to their needs.


01. Exquisite appearance

The E-board enterprise business display all-in-one LED display adopts elegant design and 16:9 gold ratio design, which can perfectly match most of the video sources in the market and present good visual effect. The thickness of the body of the product is less than 25 mm, and the proportion of the screen is more than 99%. The extremely narrow frame, streamline radian and engineering mechanics combine to make the fuselage simple and beautiful.

02. Segmented Design

The E-board series commercial display all-in-one video wall supports segmented installation design; at the same time, it can enter the elevator for easy handling; it can save installation time and increase the installation efficiency by more than 4 times.

03. Easy Operation

* One button to turn it on/off, Bluetooth remote control

* Easy operation via remote control, flip pen, mouse, etc.

* One button projection

* Adjustable steel bracket


This product has obtained 9 design patents, 4 utility model patents and invention patents, which can enhance the differences of product appearance and technology; it is conducive to the company to further improve the intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, give full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property rights, maintain the leading position in technology, enhance the company's core competitiveness and obtain better business performance.