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Speech at CLT 14th Anniversary by President

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Release date:2021/03/16

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It was a very unusual year of 2020. The economic impact of the trade war in 2019 gradually subsided, but a global epidemic followed consequently. In the past year of 2020, we have touched the health warning line and witnessed many enterprises went down to big crisis. Fortunately, through effective organization and strict epidemic prevention methods, we are all safe and successfully return to work, and we are seeking opportunities in times of crisis, sparing no efforts to develop the AIO Commercial Conference Solutions.

In 2016, CLT launched the concept of AIO Commercial LED display, which was the first enterprise to define it in the industry. CLT pictured the full concept of the AIO Commercial LED Display, went extra mile to optimize the technology, and led the industry to draft and issue the Generic Specification for Indoor Commercial LED All-in-one Display.

Now, our AIO Commercial LED Display product line has experienced a lot of experimenting, testing, and improving. We have experienced the changes of product and enterprise management upgrading, as well as various challenges and pressures brought by the COVID-19. By 2021, we will experience a historic leap, from the company's 14 years of sales of several million to 400 million.

However, with the background of COVID-19 and new infrastructure, digital transformation is bringing tremendous changes to customers' business, and the industry is bound to cater to these changes. There are many players in the business display market, and the giants are fighting hard. How could we triumph over other players? Well our answer is that who integrates the brand, technology, solutions, services and other aspects can achieve the final success! Therefore, we won’t be satisfied with our past achievements and should have no fear for the future, and be ready for the challenges.

All CLT staff are working hard together hand in hand with firm belief. We will make unwavering commitment to support Commercial LED Display by QC, R&D and Finance Department. Unite the staff and work closely together! Develop the sense of urgency, the sense of danger that can not be slow anytime, the sense of responsibility that be well ready for any issues! Great concentration, strive hard forever!

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