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Application advantages of CLT small-pitch LED display LM Pro series in the command center

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Release date:2022/05/07

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Today is the era of rapid development of information technology. Government departments and various enterprises are accelerating the pace of their own informatization construction. In the information infrastructure construction, the command center is an important part, and must have the functions of centralized data collection, data analysis, strategy formulation, resource scheduling and allocation.

With the characteristics of seamless splicing, large-screen display, wide viewing angle, multi-signal input, and high-definition display, the LED display can process and analyze all kinds of information in a timely manner, and finally display it on the display terminal in a visual way to complete the integration of information. Realize the interaction of digital information between different regions and different groups, effectively integrate and efficiently allocate resources, and provide favorable business support for decision makers in the command center to quickly access multi-party data and handle emergencies accurately and efficiently. LED display has become the "window of information" for various command centers!

What are the distinct advantages of CLT LM Pro series in the application of command center visualization?

1. Quick response

The display information of the command center is complex and the amount of data is huge. It is required that the display terminal can respond quickly and present the content of the screen in an all-round way. The CLT LM Pro series can achieve nanosecond-level response speed and split-screen display, and flexibly and conveniently display a large amount of information, high data flow and multi-channel monitoring in a comprehensive information display interface with rich content, accuracy and efficiency, which is convenient for unified command, Scheduling, so as to ensure the linkage, efficiency and integrity of the entire command system, and help leaders make careful deployment and make decisive decisions.

2. Efficient and stable

The command center also needs to match safe, stable and reliable visual terminals to serve the access and scheduling of massive information and complex data signals. CLT LM Pro series display products and equipment have super working ability and stability, reliability, low energy consumption, long life, easy maintenance and other performance, support power supply, signal card dual backup scheme, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation , effectively reducing the black screen problem caused by the failure; providing strong support for fast handling of sudden and temporary events.

3. Display effect

The command center has extremely high requirements for high-resolution refined display, high-gray-scale reproduction display under low brightness, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity, low noise, and low heat dissipation. The CLT LM Pro series display has the advantages of large viewing angle, high grayscale, high contrast, good color consistency and uniformity, high-definition and high-brightness picture, vivid color, strong sense of hierarchy, and accurately restores the real information of the image. It is the command center. Provide effective protection for related work.

4. Seamless stitching

At this stage, the large screen of the command center needs to meet the ultra-high-resolution large-format display, and collect, store, manage and display large-screen real-time large-format picture information such as geographic information, road network line maps, meteorological cloud maps, and panoramic videos. Seam splicing is precisely the advantage of the CLT LM Pro series. The seamless picture can avoid the embarrassment of splitting the picture by seams between units, and there will be no difference in brightness between units. Massive information and data can be presented intuitively and realistically.

5. Spot supply

In the face of sudden major events, natural disasters, etc., it is often necessary to establish a temporary emergency command center, which requires fast supply and fast delivery of LED displays. The Krent LED display has a complete stocking plan and can flexibly respond to various links.

The small-pitch LED display with many advantages has been widely recognized and widely used in major command centers, effectively improving the emergency response capability and command and dispatch efficiency of the command center, making the interaction simpler and more efficient, and helping the digital transformation of the city.